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Born into country music,  artist Hoffman has quickly risen to prominence in the music business as one of Nashville’s strongest and most authentic musical talents.

The  multifaceted Hoffman, who also has Bachelor’s in International Business Management and a Masters in Environmental Management, has aggregated his education and  talents to become the musical voice for old-school values, where people love, respect and care for each other and the land we live on.

Hoffman was the product of a travelin’ man and a hard-working mother, spending his early years on the family farm in Kentucky to ease the struggle of hard times.  It was there that Hoffman was shaped. He grew deep roots, surrounded by the kindness of family, friends, teachers, pastors, homemakers, farmers, coalminers, moonshiners — people making a living and a life.

These were the kind of people who would be there for every mile.  They taught Hoffman about honesty. About courage. About compassion and kindness. About helping your fellow man. They taught him about hard work and the fruits of honest living. They showed him how to use the land and its resources; to hunt and fish; to care for livestock. They taught him to sing at the top of his beautiful voice in the pews of the church they built by hand.

Hoffman’s mother moved him to Nashville as a young boy, where his dream of being a singer began. At just 10 years old,  he saw his first band play on the steps of Nashville’s Parthenon. He watched the bluegrass trio until the sun set, and that night set him on a path that defined his life.

His mother was a believer; she worked and scraped to buy him his first guitar at age 12, a Fender acoustic, that he played until his fingers bled. Hoffman wrote his first song that same year and never looked back.

Hoffman learned from the best and has respectful praise for those he upholds as his gold standard: Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Hank Jr. and Garth Brooks. These are men who stayed true and kept it real, inspiring Hoffman to not be afraid to express his real self in the music he loves so much.

Hoffman’s new album, OLD SCHOOL, was written and titled as a tribute to his forever-loyal folks and friends.  The groundbreaking hit single from the self-titled EP is based on the lessons and love learned way back when.

In OLD SCHOOL, Hoffman stays true to his roots and his inner voice. His singing voice is powerful, his guitar skills masterful and his simple lyrics tell pure stories to the driving force of his signature kick-butt rock & roll rhythm.

Produced by: D. Scott Miller
Studio: Oceanway Studios-Nashville
Sound Engineer: Pat Murphy
Musicians: Steve Gorman, Mike Brignardello, James Mitchell, Kenny Vaughan, Randy Leago, and Russell Terrell.
Released exclusively on MAP Records.

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